Buy Free Spins Slots UK: Games Where You Can Buy The Bonus

Since the advent of online slot games, the gaming industry has seen an influx of innovative features designed to enhance the player’s experience. One of the most intriguing of these features is the bonus buy option.

This feature allows players to use real money to purchase their way directly into a slot game’s bonus round, bypassing the base game entirely.

Although this feature has garnered considerable controversy, it remains a popular option among players who desire instant action. However, as we’ll see, the availability of this feature in the UK is currently non-existent due to regulatory restrictions.

Do Casino Games Let You Buy Free Spins?

Yes, certain online casino games do offer the option to buy free spins or other bonus features. This feature was first introduced by the software provider Big Time Gaming in their groundbreaking slot game, White Rabbit.

The game allowed players to purchase the bonus round directly, skipping the base game entirely. This novel concept quickly gained traction, and other game developers soon began integrating bonus buy options into their slot games.

Most bonus buy slots operate in the same way. Players are given the option to pay an additional fee, usually a multiple of their stake, to directly access the game’s bonus round or feature. The bonus round typically consists of free spins but can also include mini-games or other special features.

However, it’s worth noting that the cost of purchasing the bonus round can be quite high, often ranging between 50 and 150 times the player’s stake, and even up to 2,000 times for higher win potentials.

Therefore, while these slots can offer the potential for big payouts, players should consider the cost and inherent risk before opting to buy the bonus round.

Are There Any Buy Free Spins Casino Sites?

There are numerous online casinos that offer slot games with the bonus buy option. Prominent among these are top-rated casinos like Dunder, Casumo, and LeoVegas. These casinos have a wide selection of feature buy slots in their game lobbies, providing players with a diverse range of options to choose from.

However, it’s important to remember that the availability of bonus buy slots varies by jurisdiction due to different gambling regulations. For instance, in the UK, slots where you can buy the bonus are currently not permitted due to regulations enforced by the UK Gambling Commission.

Why Slots Where You Can Buy The Bonus Were Banned

Despite their popularity among players, bonus buy slots have stirred up considerable controversy. The main criticism levelled against these slots is that they potentially put vulnerable players at risk.

The concern is that the bonus buy feature can encourage players to spend more than they can afford, leading to problem gambling.

This issue was the driving force behind the UK Gambling Commission’s decision to ban bonus buy slots in the UK in 2019. The commission found that players were depositing more than usual in order to buy bonuses, which raised serious concerns about problem gambling.

Although the ban was met with disappointment by some players, it ultimately serves to protect players and promote responsible gambling. As advocates for responsible gambling, we respect this decision and advise players to always gamble within their means, regardless of whether they’re playing regular slots or bonus buy slots.

Buy Free Spins Alternatives

With bonus buy slots no longer available in the UK, players may be looking for alternatives that offer a similar level of excitement. One such alternative is to play slots that offer the Ante Bet option.

This option, commonly found in slots developed by Pragmatic Play, allows players to increase their bet size by around 25% per spin to increase the likelihood of triggering the bonus round naturally.

Another alternative is to play slots with feature drop or token collection mechanics. These features, such as the one found in Big Time Gaming’s White Rabbit, allow players to accumulate tokens during the base game that can be used to lower the cost of the bonus round or even trigger it for free.

While these alternatives may not offer the instant gratification of bonus buy slots, they still provide a level of excitement and potential for big wins that many players enjoy.

The Bottom Line

While bonus buy slots offer an exciting and potentially lucrative gaming experience, they also come with inherent risks. Players need to be aware of the cost and potential for loss associated with these games, and always gamble responsibly.

In the UK, bonus buy slots are currently prohibited due to concerns about problem gambling. However, there are still plenty of exciting slot games with engaging bonus features that UK players can enjoy.

By being mindful of the risks and playing responsibly, players can still enjoy the thrill of online slots while staying within their gambling limits.

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