Bingo Calls List UK: Funny, Rude & Modern Bingo Slang

Bingo has a unique language of its own. From the traditional calls that have stood the test of time to the more contemporary ones reflecting the ever-changing societal norms and trends, the language of bingo is as diverse and vibrant as the game itself. 

This article will take you through just a small portion of the colourful lexicon of UK bingo calls, categorised into the funny, the rude, the modern, and more.

Funny Bingo Calls

Bingo is known for its light-hearted, jovial atmosphere. So it’s only right that the calls reflect that. Here are some of the most amusing ones:

  • 24 – Did You Score
  • 26 – Pick and Mix
  • 35 – Jump and Jive
  • 37 – One Night in Heaven
  • 44 – Droopy Drawers
  • 88 – Two Fat Ladies

Rude Bingo Calls

Sometimes, the calls may be on the more cheeky side. Here are some of the more risquΓ©, yet hilarious, bingo calls you might encounter:

  • 20 – Getting Plenty
  • 34 – Ask for More
  • 41 – Time for Fun
  • 58 – Make Them Wait
  • 63 – Tickle Me
  • 69 – Your Place or Mine

Modern Bingo Calls (21st Century Slang)

With the changing times, the language of bingo has also evolved to include more modern phrases that resonate with the younger audience. Here are some 21st-century bingo calls:

  • 6 – Little Mix: A nod to the popular British girl band.
  • 8 – Tinder Date: A reference to the popular dating app.
  • 17 – Selfie Queen: A tribute to the selfie culture that has taken over the digital age.
  • 25 – Adele: A recognition of the Grammy-winning British singer, Adele, whose album was named 25.
  • 32 – Jimmy Choo: A call named after the renowned high-fashion designer brand.

Traditional Bingo Calls

Despite the introduction of new phrases, the traditional bingo calls still hold a special place in the game. Here are some classic calls:

  • 1 – Kelly’s Eye
  • 3 – Cup of Tea
  • 8 – Garden Gate
  • 7 – Lucky Seven
  • 11 – Legs Eleven
  • 22 – Two Little Ducks
  • 50 – Half a Century
  • 90 – Top of the Shop

Christmas Bingo Calls

During the festive season, even bingo gets a merry makeover. Here are some common Christmas-specific bingo calls:

  • 1 – Red Robin: A nod to the bird often associated with Christmas.
  • 3 – Three Wise Men: A biblical reference to the Magi who visited baby Jesus.
  • 16 – Sixpence in a Christmas Pudding: A call back to the tradition of hiding a sixpence coin in a Christmas pudding.
  • 25 – Christmas Day: The most significant date in the Christmas calendar.

Printable List of Bingo Slang

For those who wish to take the fun of bingo home, a printable list of bingo slang terms can be an excellent resource. It can serve as a guide for newer players or a reference for seasoned players looking to refresh their knowledge. 

If you would like to print out this bingo list, you can simply click on the icon in your browser & click “Print This Page”. Alternatively, you could also download it as a PDF to keep.

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