Bookie Paid Out On Losing Bet or Paid Out Too Much? What To Do

When it comes to betting, mistakes can happen. 

But what happens if a bookie pays out on a losing bet, or overpays you? 

This Casino Beasts article explores these issues and provides advice on what you can potentially do in these situations.

What To Do If The Bookie Paid Out On a Losing Bet?

If you find that a bookie has paid out on a losing bet, it’s important to act responsibly. 

Mistakes can occur, but it’s crucial to remember that the money paid out in error doesn’t legally belong to you. So, if you notice this error, it’s best to inform the bookmaker as soon as you can.

Ideally, you should contact them directly – either via phone or email – and explain the situation. Most bookmakers will appreciate your honesty and will work with you to try and rectify the mistake. 

It’s also worth noting that keeping money that doesn’t belong to you may lead to negative consequences, such as account suspension or possibly even legal action.

Can You Keep The Money a Bookmaker Paid Out In Error?

While it may be tempting to keep the money a bookmaker paid out in error, it’s not advisable. 

Legally, the money doesn’t belong to you and the bookmaker has the right to reclaim it. If you decide to keep the money, you could face legal action, a poor credit history, or even a ban from other bookmakers or casinos.

It’s best to alert the bookmaker to the mistake as soon as possible and not touch the money. There have been instances where bookmakers have allowed punters to keep a portion of the excess money as a gesture of goodwill, but this is rare and entirely at their discretion.

Bookie Paid Out Too Much Money: Can They Claim It Back?

Yes, if a bookie pays out too much money by mistake, they have every right to claim it back. This is because the extra money was paid out in error and doesn’t belong to you.

If the bookie is online, they may rectify the error by deducting the extra payment from your account. If it’s a land-based bookie, they may add it to your account as a negative balance or request it directly.

It’s worth noting that bookmakers often have procedures in place for such occurrences. So if you notice that you’ve been paid more than you should have, it’s likely the bookie has noticed too, and will take steps to rectify the error.

Do Bookies Legally Have To Pay Out?

Yes, bookies are legally obliged to pay out any winnings to punters. However, this is based on the correct amount that should have been won. If a bookmaker pays out more than they should have, they have the right to reclaim the extra money.

It’s also important to note that while it’s not illegal to owe bookies money, it’s best to repay any debts as soon as possible. Failure to do so may lead to unpleasant consequences, such as account suspension, legal action, or even a ban from other bookmakers or casinos.

What If a Bookmaker Paid Me Twice?

In rare circumstances, a bookie might mistakenly pay out a bet twice. If this happens, you should contact the bookmaker as soon as possible and inform them of the error.

Bookmakers will usually rectify the mistake by either deducting the extra payment from your account, or adding it as a negative balance. It’s also worth noting that simply withdrawing the extra money before the bookmaker notices could lead to the same negative consequences as if you kept money paid out in error.

In conclusion, if a bookie pays out too much, on a losing bet, or twice, usually the best course of action is to alert them to the mistake and refrain from touching the money. While it may be tempting to keep the extra cash, doing so may potentially lead to serious legal and financial consequences.

Always remember – honesty is the best policy when it comes to dealing with any bookmaker errors.

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