What Is Irish Bingo? How To Play & Rules Explained

Irish Bingo, a thrilling variation of the traditional bingo game, has gained widespread recognition, not just in the Emerald Isle but globally. Originally emerging in the mid-20th century, Irish Bingo has since sprouted roots in the world of online casinos. It’s a game that’s brimming with entertainment, and if you want to learn more, read on.

What Is Irish Bingo?

At its core, Irish Bingo is a spinoff of the conventional bingo game, widely embraced in Ireland and various other parts of the globe. It bears a striking resemblance to its parent game, with a few modifications in the rules and game attributes.

Irish Bingo is often described as playing traditional bingo in reverse. In land-based establishments, for instance, the game may commence with all participants standing. If a number is called out that matches one on your ticket, you sit down. However, this rule may fluctuate based on the specific version of the game.

What Is The Difference Between Bingo & Irish Bingo?

Although Irish Bingo shares a close resemblance with traditional bingo, there are a few divergences in the rules and game execution that set them apart. For instance, in most traditional bingo games, players are seated and mark their cards when a matching number is called. However, in certain variants of Irish Bingo, players start off standing and sit down when a matching number is called.

Just like its traditional counterpart, Irish Bingo is widespread in both physical and online establishments. In online Irish Bingo, virtual casinos often provide chat rooms, allowing players to engage with each other to offer a more social experience.

How To Play Irish Bingo

Playing Irish Bingo is as engaging as it is simple, catering to a vast spectrum of players. You can find this game in numerous online casinos. Before the game kicks off, you choose the number of cards you’d like to play with. 

As the game progresses, you either mark off the called numbers that match those on your card or, if you’re playing online, the game may automatically mark them for you.

Winning is typically based on forming a certain pattern with your marked numbers. This could be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines. In some versions, marking off all the numbers to achieve a full house is deemed a winning combination.

Irish Bingo Rules

The rules of Irish Bingo mirror those of classic bingo, with a few variances that add a touch of Irish charm. The game includes 90 balls, numbered from 1 to 90, called out one by one. Players are given a 3ร—9 square grid card. If a ball pulled out matches your number, you mark it off your card. 

Often, marking off a line of numbers can win you a prize. In some cases, you might need to mark off more than one line in a predetermined pattern or a full house to win. 

Irish Bingo With Playing Cards

Playing Irish Bingo with playing cards introduces another element to the game. All you need is a pack of playing cards, a marker, and a group of fellow players. Here’s how you can play:

  • Divide your playing cards into two decks.
  • Shuffle each deck, place them face down on the table, and simultaneously turn over the top card of each deck.
  • From left to right, players reveal the cards. If they match the numbers on their number cards, they mark it.
  • If a card reveals a number that’s already been marked, you add a mark next to it on your row or column.
  • Once the first stack is exhausted, the game restarts on the following stack.
  • The game concludes when a player marks all the numbers of their columns.


In a nutshell, Irish Bingo is an entertaining twist on the classic bingo game. Its unique rules and the inclusion of Irish traditions make it an exciting alternative to traditional bingo. So, whether you’re in the UK, Ireland, or anywhere else in the world, you can give Irish Bingo a try. 

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